NETCOR helps the industry...

NETCOR is the full-service corrosion engineering company of choice to manage new or upgrading projects.

NETCOR has been developing innovative corrosion control products and systems. NETCOR provides customers with the assurance they are getting “Better Idea” cathodic protection solutions for all applications and environments using NETCOR’s patented and proprietary products and cathodic protection technologies. NETCOR products are friendly to the designer, the user, and the installer based on their simplicity, reliability, packaging, cost, and NETCOR guarantee.

NETCOR’s corrosion engineering expertise continues to take the company to wherever the corrosion challenges exist—from many area in Indonesia. The larger the corrosion challenge, the stronger the case for calling NETCOR first.

NETCOR leads the industry in the innovative development of corrosion and cathodic protection technologies in soil, water and wastewater, and for reinforcing steel in concrete including:

  1. SOIL (Buried piping systems, Above/below ground tanks, Pilings and Other buried structures)
  2. WATER AND WASTEWATER (Marine structures, Pilings / piers / jetties, Vessels / tanks / heat exchangers, Process equipment, Ships and Internal cathodic protection for large-diameter pipe)
  3. REINFORCING STEEL IN CONCRETE(Parking garages, Bridge decks, Intake structures, Columns/piers and Buildings/balconies)
  4. OTHERS (Above/below ground storage tanks (AST and UST), Barges, Bridge decks, Buildings, Concrete, Condenser water boxes, Condominiums, Digesters, Heat exchangers, Hulls, Industrial, Internals, Loading docks, Loading platforms, Marine, Offshore, Parking garages, Piers, Pilings, Pipelines, Pressure vessels, Process equipment, Ships, Vessels, Wastewater, Water tanks, Well casings)