NETCOR corrosion engineers provide a full range of design services to meet our client’s corrosion needs. Working with our client, NETCOR engineers develop cost-effective solutions to eliminate or minimize corrosion risk in accordance with industry standards and practices. Our extensive staff of NACE certified corrosion specialists are knowledgeable in all aspects of corrosion while specializing in cathodic protection system designs. NETCOR’s engineering team includes experienced   draftsmen working with AutoCad and   MicroStation CAD systems. 

Our design services include:

CONCEPTUAL DESIGN – NETCOR engineers provide conceptual design recommendations for material selection, coating systems and cathodic protection that can be incorporated in the overall project or product design at the earliest developmental stages.

SPECIFICATION DEVELOPMENT – Our engineering team can develop design specifications, drawings and installation details covering materials of   construction,  coating   system   requirements, cathodic protection system design, and corrosion monitoring systems. This detailed design package can include   preliminary materials list, material   requirements,   suggested manufacturers, installation procedures and detailed requirements for commissioning, testing and   documentation all in accordance with government   regulations and   industry standards and practices. The specification package is prepared ready to be   issued for   bid.

BID EVALUATION AND DESIGN REVIEW – NETCOR can provide technical bid evaluation support and third-party design review services as the owner’s corrosion engineer. These services are a cost-effective means of providing oversight and review for an owner who does not have in-house expertise and has issued a Design-Build contract to an engineering firm or general contractor.

NETCOR engineers are also available to provide contract engineering services for short term or long term staffing needs for our clients requiring on-going design and technical services. This can either be dedicated engineers placed within the client’s organization or available as needed on a contract basis.