Research and Innovation

NETCOR is an active member of the corrosion engineering and Corrosion Control industry and we take great pride in our on-going efforts to promote and advance the technology. As such NETCOR participates in research programs involving NACE, PRCI (the Pipeline Research Council International Inc.), INDOCOR and other such organizations. NETCOR personnel are active participants in these programs as instructors, providing test data, presenting technical papers and serving on various committees.

In addition to supporting industry organizations, NETCOR is also a leading innovator in the design and application of Corrosion Control. Many of our products are patented. NETCOR continues to work hard to advance our technology and to maintain our hard earned status as leaders in our industry. Research and product development play an important role in NETCOR’s success as an organization.

NETCOR is particularly proud of our abilities to innovate and provide custom solutions to our customer specific needs. Unique product designs, such as the adaptation of technology or material for use as an internal pipeline cathodic protection system are the direct result of our customers' coming to NETCOR with difficult applications.