Copper sulfate reference cells are available in underground and fresh water styles. Since NETCOR permanent CuSO4 cells are larger, they have more copper sulfate than others, and, therefore have a longer life.

Basic cell (both underground and water tank)

  • Dimensions: 2" diameter x 10" long
  • Chloride ion trap in heat formed recess
  • Standard lead wire:  12 ft. #14 HMWPE stranded
  • copper (other lengths and sizes available)
  • All cells tested for ± millivolts to standard cell

Underground Type

Basic cell is packaged in prepared backfill to retain moisture contact and cell stability.  

  • Size: 10" diameter x 24" long
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Model code:  PRC-CU4-UG

Fresh Water Type

Basic cell has extended shield over porous plug to avoid contact with structure. Slots prevent buoyancy of electrode. 

  • Model code:  PRC-CW4