Pipeline Cleaning, Batching, Chemical Treatment

Netcor provide pipeline cleaning material & service to keep and achieve clean inner surfaces so the pipeline will be in good operating condition to work efficiently and cost-effectively.

The pipeline cleaning tools we provide are recognized as the most effective and efficient in the industry.

Each cleaning tool is designed to achieve optimal cleaning results in removing any kind of heavy debris, black powder, paraffin or scale deposits, in all possible circumstances and pipeline conditions including both standard and narrow bends. 

Out full range of services and products related to downstream pipelines including cleaning and protection to assure accurate and consistent flow of product in processing environments. One of our specialties is pipeline pigs (foam, mandrel and solid polyurethane, sphere and special cleaning). Our Crew qualified engineers and trained technical employees provide a range of expertise to ensure that the equipment is engineered and constructed to meet specific pipeline requirements. 

We have along with several years’ experience in the downstream oil and gas operations industry combined with oil and gas pipeline and pressure vessel product knowledge. We also are familiar with pipeline pigs, pipeline cleaning, pipeline maintenance equipment, pipeline inspections and polyurethane products. We have experience working in oil & field operation in Indonesia.

Pipeline Maintenance Services

  • Abandonment
  • Cleaning
  • In-line inspection and integrity assessment
  • Leak detection
  • Pigging
  • Remedial repairs